Thursday, 3 September 2009

VoiceLive 2 arrived

I finally received the TC-Helicon Voice Live 2. Initial testing some presets with one of AKG:s absolutely cheapest consumer market dynamic microphones I concluded this thing is fantastic. The "built in technician", makes even this decent consumer mic sound great. Voice adaptive eq, deessing and a gate that seems to work as seemless as a well setup downward expander. And the harmoniser sets entirely new standards. The choir voices sound absolutely fabulous.

My original idea with this was partly to not have to lug around a heavy vocal rack live, and partly to test choir arrangements in the studio as a composing help. The voices can then be rerecorded with my "real" voice when I figure out a good arrangement. But this thing is so good you can use it for choirs in the recording. It even handles when you go from singing to a whisper. I had heard some nice demo's on the net before buing but it sure surpases all my expectations.

Downsides? Well, I've found one. A wallwart with a flimsy connector that is bound to pop out live. It's a pity since it's so well thought out for live use otherwise. A notebook style external powersupply would have made sense for such an expensive piece of gear.


  1. This was so useful to me as I am looking at buying one of these in October (for my birthday). It is nice to hear that 1) it worked and 2) it produced what you expected. I write or record my music and put it on MP3 for live gigs. Did you try that functionality? Did you try MIDI interface? How were these? Curious. Thanks!

  2. I haven't tried sending backing tracks into it to control harmony. I mostly work with midi control and fixed scale. Doing my first gig with it on saturday.