Thursday 17 September 2009

Modular, Step III

What initially would be a one rack simple modular concentrating on noise and drum sounds got a second rack.. and is still growing. Since my wallet was a bit drained because of the Voicelive 2 and an in ear monitoring system this step contained just two modules: The Doepefer A-140 Envelope generator and a second MFB Dual LFO. I would like to have had four envelopes, but due to planned future modules I just couldn't fit the 12 TE for another MFB Dual ADSR. I had 8 TE to play with and that was it. Also the Doepfer has other features than the MFB. It doesn't have the Hold stage nor a lin/log switch. But it does have much longer times with a three way rocker switch for range, and the inverted out frees up the the MX224:s for other use. Placement is quite dictated by the depth of the modules. To the right will go some big and very deep modules, so the position to the left was the only option for the 5.5 cm deep A-140. Three envelopes and four lfo's will have to do. MFB lfo:s can be used as simple envelopes. Most importantly I bought 25 more wires. I had _grossly_ miscalculated how many wires that is required ;) (The red wires leads to the peavey filter that annoyingly has the inputs on the back side.)

Thursday 3 September 2009

VoiceLive 2 arrived

I finally received the TC-Helicon Voice Live 2. Initial testing some presets with one of AKG:s absolutely cheapest consumer market dynamic microphones I concluded this thing is fantastic. The "built in technician", makes even this decent consumer mic sound great. Voice adaptive eq, deessing and a gate that seems to work as seemless as a well setup downward expander. And the harmoniser sets entirely new standards. The choir voices sound absolutely fabulous.

My original idea with this was partly to not have to lug around a heavy vocal rack live, and partly to test choir arrangements in the studio as a composing help. The voices can then be rerecorded with my "real" voice when I figure out a good arrangement. But this thing is so good you can use it for choirs in the recording. It even handles when you go from singing to a whisper. I had heard some nice demo's on the net before buing but it sure surpases all my expectations.

Downsides? Well, I've found one. A wallwart with a flimsy connector that is bound to pop out live. It's a pity since it's so well thought out for live use otherwise. A notebook style external powersupply would have made sense for such an expensive piece of gear.