Saturday 29 January 2011

You got to hear this

The swedish speaker brand QLN was the brainchild of hifi enthusiast Mats Andersen. It was later bought by another company and manufacturing was moved to china. QLN now seems dormant but this speaker is still available from Hifi kit. [Edit 2015: Long sold out now.] Mats was probably not involved in the design, but whoever did it got it so right. My opinion is that it's among the best you can buy regardless of price. And they now go for 3500 swedish crowns. (Slightly more than €350 at the moment.) Imagine the best studio monitor you can think of and add a sweeter high end that goes much higher, that it spreads the sound much better and goes straight down to 28Hz. This is it. You need an amp that can deliver lot's of current, but any small affordable good one like NAD or Cambridge will deliver. You sure don't need a subwoofer. If you really want to hear what Moulin Noir sounds like, this is the shit. And I'm not paid for saying this :)