Wednesday 4 August 2010

Ramblings in blue

I think I'm in need of the brand new blue energy dome. I had not noticed a fabulous new album by Devo "Something For Everybody" is out.. with a completely hilarious campaign on youtube. This is easily the best Devo album since "New Traditionalists". Get the deluxe version!

Wisdom of today: If you don't document changes in the studio, you will at some point have to play a quite boring game called "follow the cable among a trillion other cables". Documantation, documentation.. the importance can't be overemphasized.

Seth Schwartz took a lot of pictures at the Drop Dead Pre party in Stockholm here.

I am finally discovering compressors... after almost 30 years. Well I've always used them, especially on busses. But now I'm discovering mixing in to single band compressors for effect instead of "unhearable" multi band compressors. So I went on a shopping spree and got me ART PRO VLA II, Joe Meek MC2, FMR Audio RNC and RNLA. I already had DBX 166 (the ancient version), DBX 266 XL and recently some digital SSL emulations in the Duende mini. Actually I've tried the 266 XL on the master with marvelous results but wanted different sounding options. No you don't have to have a $3000 compressor for this... don't let any status brand blinded type fool you. If you mix in to the compressor even a 266 XL can sound fantastic.