Sunday 12 September 2010

New version of ASE Client

The freeware SQL Client for Sybase databases created by yours truly has gotten a long needed update. ASE Client used to eat SQL Advantage for breakfast retrieving big result sets, and was considerably more stable than Interactive SQL. But Sybase tools has improved tremendously over the years so ASE Client is not not really needed any more. But I maintain it anyway, just for fun. It has some nifty features though. Exporting search results to xls gives you the column headers for example. Quickly getting all column names to clipboard is another winner. It will always have the features I miss from the tools Sybase supplies. The ones I have time to implement.

Well, ASE Client runs without installation on any platform that implements java. That's a cool feature. Footbprint is tiny, but big search results craves RAM.

Get ASE Client on

I don't have much time, but if you send me a request for a cool feature I will implement it. Find my email on the contact page att