Saturday 16 January 2010

Plugiator and other news

I have finally published the images from the Ultrafoxx gig in the pictures area.

The Dynamo Beat club, where Hans and I DJ:ed drew a pretty decent crowd. Unfortunately we were riddled with technical problems, mainly a power amp that now and then refused to work. Shortly after 2 am it gave up completely. Well well, people seemed to have fun anyway.

I am still waiting for the last modules to the modular. In the mean time I bought myself a digital synthesizer. I have been depressed lately, and nothing is better to cheer me up than a synthesizer. Nowdays I have to make sure I get a small synthesizer for obvious reasons, this therapy has some serious space related drawbacks. ;D I had wanted the Plugiator with the Prodyssey plugin for quite a while, and now Thomann had a very good price at a fully loaded one. The technology comes from originally from Creamware (now Sonic Core), who's plugin products for dedicated Sharc DSP hardware is almost the only virtual analogue synthesizers I like. I plan to use the Prodyssey live. In the studio I am more interested with the FM, wavetable and organ synths than the analogue emulations.

The christmas cap was unfortunately not included. ;) I think my needs for digital synths are filled for quite a while now. (I nicked the picture from use audio, but since I endorse the product I hope they don't mind.) I also got an Alesis Multimix 8, to be able to patch in more of my effect boxes. It's simply the best and well thought out 1U rack mixer available today.

Monday 4 January 2010

Club Dynamo Beat

Club Dynamo Beat - A mysterious event that exists once in a lifetime..

DJ:s Anders (Moulin Noir) & Hans (Run Level Zero) plays a wild mix of synthetic favourites.. From Shock, John Foxx and Krisma to Mesh, Skinny Puppy and Depeche. Expect the unexpected. "Dance, Dance, Dance" sings Claudia Brücken.
Live appearance from the fabulous [twilight] theatre:
Entrance: Free!
Time: 9 PM
Location: Sugar Bar, Kammakargatan 9, Stockholm, Sweden