Thursday 31 December 2015

Happy New Year again!

As you may have noted nothing has happened for a year. Partly because a new daytime job has been demanding. Partly because I haven't been up to creating anything for unknown reasons. I have been expanding the studio a lot, so obviously I plan for things to happen. My trusty AKG C3000 (first version) is finally replaced by a Pearl Priority microphone (above), and more expansion mini cases for the now not so small modular. Now there are six "sidecars". One of the new below.

And lots of other gear. So Moulin Noir will be back 2016. Unless I just keep buying gear I don't plan to use. But I don't think so.

Two of my heroes has passed away this year. Steve Strange - just as the Visage reboot was doing wonderful music again. And Chris Squire from Yes. Sad, but their music lives on. Right now I am listening to the album Visage was recording. The rest of the band finished it, and it's fantastic.

8th of january 2016 a remix album "Darkness to Diamond" is released. Read all about it here:

All about Yes here:

A Happy New Year to you all! Now, where is the champagne? Ah, there...

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