Sunday 30 March 2014

Eva med Adam

Some pictures from the play "Eva med Adam" at Boulevardteatern, Stockholm. Written, directed and starring Annika Forslund Rimbléus, featuring me and my brother Magnus Wikholm. It turned out even more magic than I imagined. Magnus wrote the music, I added some garnish, an earthquake made with Korg MS-20 and some birdsong. I also played a little part as the devil. A burgulary at the theater didn't stop us. I lost a Tapco Mix 260FX in a Thomann hardcase and a Tama Techstar TAM 500 drumsynth in a Warwick Rockbag mixerrack with a Digitech DSP-16. But I had a spare TAM 500 and Magnus bought a new mixer. The result was beyond anything I imagined. Directors eye Michelle Nordlander, Light by Simon Söderberg, DMx light by Magnus Wikholm. Photograps by Jonas Wahlin.

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